• Please have a check ready for final payment on day of plaster, if you need an amount feel free to call our office
  • Pools Plus will call the day before to let customers know their schedule
  • The plaster crew will arrive and begin prepping the pool for plaster; this includes taping and masking off areas we don’t want to get plaster all over.
  • The plaster will then be applied by our professional team of plaster applicators
  • Once they are done with the plaster they will immediately begin filling the pool please refer to post plaster page for more info
  • Payment will be processed on ach within 24 hour if a check is not given on the day of plaster


  • Since pool plaster is composed of natural materials which have certain inherent characteristics, a certain amount of shading or color variation is a natural occurrence which should not be construed as a defect and which only enhances the natural beauty of your pool, think of as handcrafted art
  • The plaster is not guaranteed for color evenness and may not be the exact shade anticipated.
  • The shade and color may vary and fade over time.
  • The plaster may appear streaked, blotchy, or have a mottled appearance over which the contractor has no control.
  • Home owners understand that crazing (check cracks and hairline cracks) may be noticeable and quite pronounced; this is why it’s important to fill the pool as fast as possible, especially in the summer.
  • Due to several conditions including humidity, temperature, shading etc during the plastering, undulations, light and or dark streaks (a marbleized look) may appear in the plaster and may be more pronounced on a cloudy day or night with the light on.

It is important to remember that these conditions are beyond contractors control. All plaster is a hand applied product done by individual artisans. It is important to keep in mind that perfection is not possible. However pools plus will do the best possible job and we stand behind all our work. If you have concerns or questions feel free to contact us through our website.