Pools can be drained for a number of reasons like to begin a remodel or to access certain parts of the pool for repairs, however the most common is to reset the chemical levels in your pool, as the years go by the chemical levels build up and never evaporate out. The source water meaning the water being used to refill the pool when needed has certain levels of metals, phosphates, calcium and TDS (total dissolved solids) which contributes to a chemically congested water situation. As these levels continue to increase naturally through the main water source, this makes it harder and harder to properly balance the water and also allow the chlorine to properly sanitize the water for a healthy swimming environment that we call “chlorine lock out” Metals and phosphates in the water can be reduced but calcium, conditioner and TDS cannot so the only solution is to drain the pool and start fresh as water gets old as well. Think of it as an aquarium, where fish swimming in the water all day every day causes the water to be cloudy and congested and no chemical added will resolve the issue, so what do we do to resolve that issue? We drain the water, clean the tank then start fresh. This is the same scenario with a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a large bath tub even though swimmers are not swimmers, they are not swimming every day and in some cases it never gets used. The elements trees, fertilizers in the air, ash from fires we have had, grass clippings and especially dogs contribute to the congestion of the water which ultimately just needs draining. If there is a large sign of algae in the pool then a chlorine wash is needed to properly sanitize the plaster before refiling or we will be back to square one. Once drained and refilled the proper standards for a healthy swimming environment. I hope this further explains the reason behind the drain of your pool.

  • Pools plus will get all necessary permits and pay any fees up to $50 as needed.
  • Pools plus will call day before to let you know schedule
  • A service tech will stop by turn off all equipment and autofill to ensure equipment is not running while pool is empty
  • A pump will be dropped in and hose will be ran to the street or to best drainage option(customer can let us know if they have specific location)
  • Call the office when the pool is done draining (pump should turn off when done if not please unplugged from power)
  • A temporary fence or caution tape can be added per customer request for additional fee


Once the pool is drained pools plus will perform work that is agreed upon. Feel free to contact us through our website if you have any other questions.