Tile Cleaning Process

Pools Plus offers tile cleaning services starting as low as $695, we can remove the scale build up on pool tile fountains, rock waterfalls, and much more. Call our office to schedule today, most jobs can be done within a week.

Tile Cleaning steps

  1. We turn off your pool equipment
  2. The water is lowered about 6″ below the bottom of the pool tile with our equipment.
  3. The pool tile is then cleaned with our sandblasting equipment (only 6×6 tiles can be cleaned 1×1 tiles & rocks can not be cleaned)
  4. The pool deck and tiles are washed down into the pool.
  5. The blast media is then vacuumed out of the pool using OUR equipment.
  6. Pool Tile Protectant is applied to the tile to inhibit the calcium buildup’s return and restore any lost shine from weather and chemicals.
  7.  The pool is then refilled. Most jobs typically take 4-5 hours

All build up between tiles at grout may not come off, glaze can be dulled by glass bead blasting, we are nor responsible for any tile or grout that falls off during cleaning. We can however repair or replace the tile and grout. It is also important to understand the scale build up will return over time and tile may need to be cleaned again.