Pools Plus Service Packages

Pools Plus provides our customers with many service options to cover all your pool and equipment needs. We have trained service techs with years of experience to resolve any issues. 

Level 1 tech – $65/HR WHEN PAID IN ADVANCE
  • 40 hours on-site training.
  • Has basic swimming pool troubleshooting knowledge.
  • Can verify voltage going to a pump motor.
  • 200 hours of on-site training.
  • Has in-depth swimming pool troubleshooting knowledge.
  • 1000+ hours infield training with manufacturers and continuing education courses.
  • Has over ten years in-field experience troubleshooting and replacement of equipment.

Repairs disclaimer:

Pools Plus is not responsible for items that break or malfunction during the process of conducting service or repair. Many unknown conditions can cause things to break by doing routine maintenance. Sometimes plastic parts break when removed, or clamp bolts or clamps become damaged beyond repair. Pools Plus is not responsible for any parts that break during maintenance and repairing of equipment. 

Pools Plus will not be responsible for any of the following, but not limited to: any issues that arises by no fault of any of our team members, including parts or work not included in your estimate. This includes any parts or equipment that fail/stop working after completion of plaster, or shortly after completion. Any lights that get moisture/water in lens due to gasket failure, age of light or any other reason. Any equipment that leaks, makes noise, or does not work as before. An leaks in plumbing that tested good at time of plaster. Any copper lines that fail, cause staining or other. Any sections of concrete deck that come off during preparation and removal of tile. Any tile that is damaged, chipped or comes off during preparation or draining of pool. Any changes MUST be in writing, text or email with response from both parties.

pools plus will not supply water, customer is responsible for water and must have it trucked in if needed.

Replacement & Installation SERVICES

The below prices are for inspection, replacement or installation only. Prices do not include cost of equipment. Prices are based off of technician levels and time involved, above.

Pool Equipment Inspection for Home Purchase


Pump Motor Replacement

Pump motor replacement price when purchased from Pools Plus standard installation only.

*additional materials parts to be extra


Basic Filter Installation

when replacing with same brand, model and size.


Basic Pump Installation


Variable Speed Pump Installation




Main Drain Replacement


+ $35 Each Additional

Gas Pool Heater Installation



If you need help figuring out what is wrong with your equipment, we can troubleshoot and give you a quote for a repair, rather than replacing new equipment.

Troubleshooting Prices as low as $65 when paid for in advanced