Pool Maintenance, Pool Supplies & COMPLETE POOL SERVICE!

We offer weekly pool service and repairs for our customers. We pride ourselves in having expert knowledge and we approach your pool or it’s problems the way we would if it were our own – detailed and done right.​


 Best Package

Full Service: Price Varies with Amount of Cleaning Needed

  • Everything in Good, Better, Better+ Included.
  • Brushing of all Pool Walls
  • Skimming Surfaces
  • Remove Leaves from Bottom
  • Removal of Large Leaves with Hand Master
  • Hand Vacuuming as Needed
  • Includes algaecide prevention, clarifies and special visits (parties per special occasions)

Pool Service disclaimer:

  • Must be on automatic billing, email, and signed 12 month service agreement.
  • All pools must meet our requirements to receive service.
  • Plaster must be in good condition; must have automatic water fill, working automatic cleaner, working clocks/control, working filter.
  • Additions charge to any pool located on property over 1 acre.
  • Pools, where the area around the pool is not maintained, may incur additional charges for algae blooms.
  • Pools that have poor drainage and therefore flooded pools where rainwater brings contaminated water into the pool will incur any cleanup charges incurred.
  • Maintaining water levels is always the client’s responsibility. If you need to have water added we have devices to help with that issue.
  • No replacement parts or repair labor is included in service. Bids will be provided as items are needed.
  • To begin service we require an inspection which includes a filter cleaning. This will allow us to know if we can offer service.


Let us help you get your pool started up the right way. We have a specific Pool Plus Process that we follow to make sure your pool is setup for success, and follow the NPC Startup guidelines. High quality, thorough, and detailed.