Regular pool filter cleaning is key to keeping the swimming pool filtration system operating at maximum efficiency (similar to your car’s oil changes). Regular pool filter cleaning has many benefits including a clean, healthy water environment, reduced stress on pool equipment, increased energy efficiency, and an extended life of the pool pump and filtration system.

Pool owners can think of the filter as essentially the lungs of the pool system. The pool filter’s job is to capture debris, dirt and bugs that end up in the pool, thus keeping the water clear. The filter also aids in water circulation, which is key for healthy pool water. Circulation helps evenly distribute pool chemicals that kill bacteria and prevent it from forming.

While filters are great at cleaning the pool water, they are not self-cleaning. So they need some TLC to keep running efficiently. Generally the pool filter should be cleaned about two, or three times a year to keep it operating properly and to keep the pool water safe and clean for use all year round. Having the pool filter cleaned is a job best left to the professionals who have training in this service and can identify issuer in the filter during the cleaning process

The technicians at Pools Plus can perform a pool filter cleaning, both quickly and efficiently. This is a service that can be added to regular service every 6 months (approximately) so pool owners don’t even have to stress about when the last time they had their filter cleaned and when it’s time to do it again. The job of the experts at Pools Plus is to take the hassle of pool ownership away from pool owners so all they have to do is enjoy their pool and make fun memories.